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  • Pile Weather Strip Weaving Machine

    The weaving machine is used to produce pile weather strips. The pile height is 3-15mm(6-30mm before cutting) The strip widthis3.8-145mm. One weaving machine can get max 104pcs of pile weather strips. Thepile weather strips are widely used in a variety of categories for doors and windows craft, egaluminum, cupboards, wardrobes, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, detector printers, etc. For example: width 7mm base production speed: 4belts per machine *18pcs*0.5m/min=2160m/hour width 5mm base production speed: 4belts per machine *26pcs/belt*0.5m/min=3120m/hour

  • Hauling Machine Group

    The coating line is composed of the follwingthre machinudehauling machine, stripping machine with racks.

  • Automatic rolling package machine

    Working voltage 220V, one touch screen with Chinese and English version, control multiple actions required for coiling, 4-axis coiling machine. Control panel, install 4 buttons (start, stop, reset, cylinder opening and closing), With 4 servo motor controllers, responsible for their actions, With a torque controller to control the feeding tension, the tightness meets the requirements.

  • Warping Machine

    The warping machine is used to wind various yans egctonyasyntheic filamen yan, twisted yarn and textured yarn onto a bem inunfom esiooaigspecially foile eather strip weavingThis machine has the following attachment and advantages. The speed control by inverter makesthemachine run in constant and smooth speed. The warp tensioners ensure the optimum tension for yarns The reed can be easily adjusted according to the yarn's density. The warping machine has the automaticyarbreak stop devicewitha warping light, easy to operate.

  • Adhesive sealing machine

    Operating voltage: 380V, Motor power: 0.4KW. Attach double-sided tape to the back of the ordinary top. Add double-sided film material on the back of the ordinary top. It is suitable for installing the profile without opening groove in the second sealing of wooden furniture, translation door, wardrobe door and window, etc. The material of double-sided adhesive can be selected: environment-friendly hot melt foam cotton adhesive

  • Fin Sealing Machine

    The sealing machine is to makefins intothepile ethestipsinoe ostegthe the water-proof, dust-proof and wind-proof performanceThesealingmachineis quippdwththe ultrasonic generator,which transmits the power to seal the PP film into the pile weatherstripsThenonwovenfabric also canbe sealed into the pile weather strips, helps to increase the pile densityreuce noisereducingthefriction and achieve better sealing effect.