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ZhouChang Mechanics

Zhou Chuang Machinery Factory is a one of modern hight-tech enterprises, Mainly engaged in mechanical design and manufacturing,sales and service.

Recently, Zhou Chang Machinery has been concentrated on the tops of painstaking research development and production. From R&D to production, we have complete independent intellectual property rights. Now our mainly products are aluminum doors and tops knitting machine and its ancillary equipment, is widely used in the development of various doors and tops, tops static class. We has number of advanced production equipment (multiple CNC, CNC latest, milling machines), as well as many senior engineers.

Today, we firmly grasp the latest trends in technology development, to provide users with more comprehensive and complete solution in the overall system. Improve the internal mechanism, To provide users with a more comprehensive product and technical support!


a high quality weather strip machinery

Products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions.
was established in 1992 Foshan weather strip Machinery Co., Ltd.
Set up 24-hour after-sales service hotline

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Automatic rolling package machine capacity per hour
A: According to the most commonly used specifications on the market:7x7/6x7/5x7(mm),
Q: Hauling Machine Group capacity per hour
A: on the market:7x7/6x7/5x7(mm)
Q: Pile Weather Strip Weaving Machine capacity per hour
A: on the market:7x7/6x7/5x7(mm)
Q: The best ratio of equipment for a production line
A: Our Hauling Machine Group is a high production Machine which can handle 25 Pile Weather Strip Weaving machines.
Q: How long will it take to complete the order and how long will the production cycle be?
A: For example, 10 Pile Weather Strip Weaving Machines are usually completed within 30 days
Q: About equipment installation and technical support.
A: We can provide on-site installation and technical support, hand in hand teaching, and help customers train workers, operate machines and produce.